Student Services Staff

School Counselors 

Shayla Peterson 

703-718-2558 | [email protected]

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • Bef-Chil 
  • A-Aguil

Kevin McMahon

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

703-718-2559 | [email protected]

  • Chim-El
  • Aguim-All

Michael Shapiro

703-718-2555 | @email

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • Em-G
  • ALm-Alvaren

Keri O'Connor

703-718-2698 | @email

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • H-Kel
  • Alvareo-Ande

Stephanie Bluestein

703-718-2554 | [email protected]

  • Kem-McE
  • Andf-Aree

Sara Brewer

703-718-2557 | [email protected]

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • McF-O
  • Aref-Ari

Debora Lee

703-718-2571 | [email protected]

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • P-R
  • Arj-Au

Jennifer Piechoski

703-718-2556 | [email protected]

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • S-Th
  • Av-Ball

Charlette Jefferson-Dixon

703-718-2651 | @email

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • Ti-Z
  • Balla-Bee

Suellen Espino Dextre

703-718-2607 | [email protected]

Student Last Name Alpha Range:

  • EL Levels 1-2
  • EL L3 A-Bee

Other Student Services Staff & Important Contacts

Administrative Assistant & RegistrarLeslie Dorsey703-718-2551@email
Transcript AssistantRoxana Espinoza703-718-2552[email protected]
College & Career SpecialistKaren Young703-718-2548  [email protected]
Dean of Students Donnell Fisher703-718-2738[email protected]
Student Information AssistantHelen Molina703-718-2591 [email protected]
Assessment CoachRebecca Watt [email protected]
On-Time Graduation SpecialistMiguel Arroyo703-718-8145[email protected]
Family Liaison (English/Spanish Speaking)Ana Marina Colocho703-718-2620@email
Family LiaisonPhyllis Jordan703-718-2614@email
Family Liaison (English/Spanish Speaking)Rosa Rapavi703-718-2588[email protected]
Social WorkerLauren Heslep703-718-2623@email
Social WorkerAimee Convery703-718-2604[email protected]
Social WorkerKarina Villegas [email protected]
School Psychologist

Jennifer Spears

(Tues/Wed/Alt Thursday)

School PsychologistMegan Runion703-718-8105[email protected]
Special Ed. Dept. Co- ChairSheri Been @email
Special Ed. Dept. Co- ChairStephanie Kohn [email protected]
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist (WPHS Pyramid)Elizabeth Knudson @email
NVCC Pathways to Baccalaureate LiaisonGlenda Sorto @email
Financial Aid ChampionKatrina Rowsey @email