Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 1:30pm, Student Services Office

Transcript Specialist

Beth Hofmann, @email, 703.718.2552

Transcript Request Deadline Dates

Please allow at least 3 weeks before the college application deadline for processing your transcript request.

Deadline to turn in completed request to Ms. Hofmann Application Deadline for College/University
September 2020 TBA October 2020 TBA
October 2020 TBA November 2020 TBA
October 2020 TBA November 2020 TBA
November 2020 TBA (early due to Thanksgiving Break) December 2020 TBA
November 2020 TBA (early due to Winter Break) January 2021 TBA
December 2020 TBA January 2021 TBA
January 2021 TBA February 2021 TBA

Transcript Fees:

Seniors: First 3 transcripts free, 4+ $5.00 each Graduates: $5.00 each


Current Students: Transcript Request Form

Graduated within 5 Years: Former Student Transcript Request Form

Graduated more than 5 years ago:Former FCPS Student Transcript Request Form

FCPS Consent for Release of Student Records In Support of Postsecondary Applications