About Us

Learn about the West Potomac Wolverines!

Our Motto

  • Ad Astra Per Aspera ("To the Stars through Struggles")

Our Vision Statement

  • By nurturing the talents, ideas, and skills of each member of our learning community, we challenge each other to be better versions of ourselves every day. Learning and growth drive our institution. Embracing this mindset, we fortify and prepare graduates to thrive in an ever-changing global society.

Our Mission Statement

  • West Potomac High School celebrates its proud past as it builds an exciting future through an engaging curriculum, systems of student support, and a connected community.

Our Beliefs

  • High expectations for learning must be set and reached inside and outside of our classrooms;

  • All students will have opportunity and access to a rigorous curriculum and engaging learning experiences;

  • Teaching will be tailored to individual learning needs to maximize student success and prepare all Wolverines for their futures;

  • Instructional technology integration aids West Potomac teaching, learning, and assessment;

  • An atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, and trust will extend across all West Potomac stakeholders; and

  • Every Wolverine must have opportunities to practice leadership, service, and citizenship.

FCPS School Profile

Student Rights and Responsibilities

West Potomac HS is a part of Region 3