Student Parking

***Applications closed for the 2023 - 24 school year***

First, fill out the Parking Pass Request Form (2024 - 25 school year application available date TBA) ***Filling out the form is not a guarantee of a parking space, it is a request to obtain a parking pass. In addition to filling out the google form to request a pass, you will also need to complete and return the following forms:

Required Forms:

For the 23-24 school year, there is a $200 fee for parking and all financial obligations must be cleared before purchasing.

After filling out the google Parking Pass Request Form you will be contacted to coordinate time to drop off your paperwork and receive your parking pass.

Please contact Mr. Walls (@email) & Robert Miller (@email) with questions concerning your parking pass.

West Potomac Parking Regulations

Students must possess and will be required to show a valid driver’s license at the time parking permits are issued.

The number of student parking spaces is limited. 

  • No student is guaranteed a school assigned parking space. 
  • There is specific senior, and junior parking areas. 
  • The number of students applying for parking changes from year to year. 
  • Parking is offered first to rising seniors.  

Incomplete or inaccurate applications may not be processed. 

  • Applications containing false information will result in the loss of parking privileges with a forfeiture of any fees paid.  
  • An application that is not complete (no signatures, no vehicle information, missing forms Etc.) may not be accepted or processed.

Parking permits are nontransferable.

  • Parking permits are nontransferable and are assigned only to the registered owner listed on the parking application. If a student transfers his/her school parking permit to another student both students will lose parking privileges with no refund of paid parking fees.
  • A standard Fairfax County Public Schools identification permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror inside every student-operated motor vehicle when parked on the school premises.

Parking on school grounds is a privilege extended to students in good standing. 

  • Students with behavioral, issues, or poor school attendance may be denied parking or have their parking privileges rescinded at any time.   
  • Students found to be in violation of the WPHS attendance policy could have their parking permit suspended for a period of time or revoked for the remainder of the school year at the discretion of an Administrator.
  • If you choose to carpool with other student it is at your own risk.  If a student in that carpool violates the WPHS parking policy the parking pass will be suspended or revoked for the entire carpool. 

Administration reserves the right to revoke/suspend parking privileges without warning in cases that need immediate attention.

ALL school related fees/dues must be paid in full before a parking application can be accepted. 

  • Juniors/rising seniors must pay dues prior to submitting an application.
  • All financial obligations to the school must be satisfied prior to submitting a parking application and before a parking permit is issued. Check with the finance officer (located in the main office) prior to filling out an application.

Students must possess and will be required to show a valid Virginia driver’s license at the time parking permits are issued picked up.

If you do not own a valid parking permit do not park your vehicle on campus.

Security reserves the right to ticket violators of the parking policy.

  • Safe operation of the vehicle shall be observed at all times. Speed on school grounds shall not exceed 15 miles per hour—whether or not posted.
  • No motor vehicle shall be occupied without permission from the school at any time, for any reason, while it is parked.
  • No student shall leave the school in any vehicle during the school day without obtaining permission from the school.
  • Neither the school nor the School Board shall assume any responsibility for damage to vehicles or other items of personal property left in them, including parking permits, while on school premises. All vehicles must be locked while parked.
  • Student vehicles parked on school property may be searched when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the vehicle contains illegal drugs, weapons, stolen property, or other contraband, provided the search is conducted primarily for enforcing school policy, order and discipline in the school.
  • Texting or use of a cell phone while driving on school property is strictly prohibited.
  • Any violation of these regulations or of safe driving practices at any time may result in revocation of the school permit and or further disciplinary action

Parking Fines

Failure to properly display WPHS parking permit $40.00 for the first and any subsequent violations.  This does not include any parking violations written by the Fairfax County Police Department.  Any disputes concerning parking tickets must be brought to the attention of the Security office within 10 days of the issue date of the ticket.

Any questions may be directed to WPHS Security Team, Room 300.