Service Learning

Students Helping Others, United Together (SHOUT) From Classroom to the Community

After being on COVID pause, SHOUT is back again. Seniors have the opportunity to complete 20 hours of community service from May 30-June 2. In order to participate in the program, students are required to complete an application. 

*A tweak to SHOUT coming out of COVID is the allowance of projects to be completed at West Potomac. Students can only participate in projects here at WPHS if they can be directly supervised the entire time they are completing their work. The goal is for students to go out into the greater community to support and have a positive and meaningful impact. With that said, if you have an idea that would enhance out West Potomac HS community, please reach out to your administrator for prior approval.

Overview/History of SHOUT

For most WPHS students, volunteering in the community has been a mandatory component of their English or social studies classes. However, the Class of 2010, created a new initiative for seniors entitled SHOUT, an acronym for Students Helping Others, United Together. The SHOUT project gave students the opportunity to perform a service, for the benefits of learning, and allowed students to give back to the community. The Class of 2010 resolved:

  • We, as a school and community, are committed to the idea and the belief that community service is valuable in both personal and academic experiences.

  • We, as a school and community, are taking the bold step forward of providing our seniors the time and opportunity to further pursue service learning or community service

Through US Government classes, students are introduced to the SHOUT concept, early in their senior year. As the year progresses, all Seniors are reminded of SHOUT and encouraged to participate. In early spring, interested Seniors are asked to complete SHOUT Proposal Forms, which are verified and approved.

A time period (typically one - two weeks) before graduation, Seniors venture out into the community to complete their SHOUT projects. Let’s support our Seniors, and applaud them, as they take-part in this note-worthy experience. 

Questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Landon at @email 

x2VOL is the easy way to make service learning hours count

West Potomac uses x2VOL, an online tracking, and reporting system, for logging-in all service hours including SHOUT (Senior Year-Students Helping Others United Together). Students access  x2VOL  through Naviance.  x2VOL allows faculty, staff, and students to centralize information and eliminate paper forms. x2VOL also allows students to enter their service hours online at any time, as well as check, sign-up for volunteer opportunities,  receive reminders about them,  and print a service hour log that can be used for college applications.