Silver/Blue Day Calendar

Advisory/Student Support Time Procedures and Expectations

Advisory Time (9:45am - 10:23am)

Advisory Time is meant to reinforce West Potomac High School’s focus on maintaining effective relationships. Teachers will develop meaningful connections with students. Teachers also will use Advisory Time to support students with academics, attendance, behavior, and other matters. Daily announcements will take place during this time. Administration also may use this time to do safety drills, and school-wide activities, such as SEL lessons, and required student surveys. 

  • 9:45am - 9:50am:    Advisory teachers will take attendance in SIS.
  • 9:51am - 10:23am:    Advisory teachers will reference the Advisory/Student Support Time Google Sheet and write passes for Advisory students who have been requested by teachers and for students in “Good Standing” who request to go to the Library or Auditorium. Students in Good Standing are students who are maintaining C- or better in every class - including elective courses. 

Transition Time (10:23am - 10:33am)  

Only students who have been given a pass by their Advisory teacher can move. Unrequested students must stay in classrooms with Advisory teachers.

Wolverine Student Support Time (10:33 am - 11:10 am) 

Wolverine Student Support Time is primarily an intervention/enrichment class period primarily   meant to provide students with opportunities to improve/enhance academic performance. Teachers will use Student Support Time to request students. There will be times when Administration or Student Services programming will utilize this time.