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PTSA’s Test Prep Program can help you achieve your highest SAT or ACT score.

*Students from other schools are welcome!

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Summer 2021 Bootcamps will be offered online. We plan to return to on-campus events starting with our fall 2021 events.

Are the Official Tests Still Relevant?

Test optional does not mean test blind! Check the websites of your favored colleges to see their admissions policy and check the scholarship pages to see if test scores are used for admissions, to select scholarship recipients, or for class placement.


The test prep program is offering self-directed online test prep created by Applerouth. This is an excellent course that covers all the content offered through the usual group class as well as tips and strategies for the official tests. Mock test results provide a solid study guide. Applerouth tutors are available to assist self-directed students with any questions during the course. One mock test is included in the self-directed class. Class licenses expire August 31, 2021. Purchase at PTSA's MemberHub Store. The class will be loaded to your Applerouth.com account within 2 business days.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests ($23.00): Applerouth only uses tests that have been written by the College Board and ACT, Inc. This means that students’ scores are likely to be very close to what they would receive if they were to take the real exam. 

SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes

Group classes ($375.00): Students receive a 15 hour, structured review of major SAT or ACT concepts and strategies from a premium tutor trained to deliver content in efficient and interesting ways. Test guides & session notes are provided to help simplify the studying process. Additionally, after each mock test, you will receive a detailed results analysis to help you chart your own unique course towards mastering the test.

  • Comprehensive treatment of major strategies

  • Access to Study Guides and Session Notes

  • 3 scheduled Mock Test opportunities

  • 15 hours of group tutoring instruction

  • Detailed Results analysis

Updated Applerouth Free Resources and Webinars!

You’ll be so happy you bookmarked these pages! Brush up on anything and everything related to college admissions with our most popular resources, all in one place. Check them out at applerouth.com/bookshelf.   For upcoming webinars, learn more at applerouth.com/events

Questions? Contact Marilyn Aboff, @email.

Scholarships - WPHS student need-based scholarships for mocks and classes are available through the College and Career Center Specialist. Summer bootcamp/mock test scholarships available through Marilyn Aboff, @email

Applerouth Resources

Other Resources:

  • WPHS Student Services – Contact your school counselor to discuss options

  • WPHS College and Career Center Specialist

  • Applerouth Tutoring – Experienced tutors are available for questions at 202-558-5644

  • PTSA Program Manager – Marilyn Aboff, @email

Test Prep Timing – Plan Now!

Do You Know Your Test Preference?

Most students will show a strong preference for either the SAT or ACT format. This preference usually results in students naturally testing the SAT equivalent of 100 points higher on their preferred test. Sponsored by PTSA, mock tests are offered on campus to help students determine their preferred format and establish baseline test scores – not to mention the benefits of practice. Sophomores can make their junior year less hectic by determining test preference late in their sophomore year! Juniors, get a little extra practice!

Set Your Testing Date:

Juniors who participate in extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged to look ahead at their activities schedule to determine the dates they are available to take the official SAT or ACT. Most students take the official tests more than once. Plan ahead and register early for most convenient testing locations!

Decide on Your Test Prep Strategy:

Once the testing date is set, determine your strategy for test prep. Self-directed free resources are available on Blackboard and the official testing sites. For those students who work better in a more structured classroom environment, the PTSA sponsors an on-campus test prep program (through Applerouth Tutoring).

Why Take a Mock SAT or ACT? 

Did you know that 54% of students show a natural increase the second time they take a real test? Use the mock to practice test time management skills – see if you have the ability to apply the content and strategies learned while studying when in an official test environment.  Test your mental endurance.  Earn confidence for the “real thing.”

Increase Your College Choices

Now is the time to find out where you are missing the most points on your SAT or ACT.  Take a mock and use the individualized score report to focus your limited study time.  Report includes suggested “homework” in popular prep books.  

Free Test Prep Resources

1. Khan Academy

2. kaptest.com/sat/free/events

3. kaptest.com/act/free/act-free-practice-test

4. ACT/SAT Websites:  ACT.org for ACT and collegeboard.org for SAT