Safety and Security

Meet the Safety and Security Team and view safety and security resources

The safety of students and staff, and the security of our campus, are the two main concerns of the Security Team. To meet the challenges of maintaining a safe campus, we ask for the assistance of students, staff and parents to be vigilant. If you feel that something needs to be addressed, please bring it to the attention of the Security Team as soon as possible.

Safety and Security Team

West Potomac High School has a full-time Student Resource Officer (SRO).

Officer Bronte-Tinkew | [email protected]

Mr. J Walls, Safety and Security Specialist | @email

Standard WPHS Security Procedures

  • Cameras monitor all exterior doors and grounds
  • Faculty and staff display FCPS photo-identification badges
  • Visitors sign-in at the main office and register electronically

Safety, Security & Wellness Links

24-hour security assistance – Contact the FCPS Office of Safety and Security at 571-423-2000. Call 9-1-1 for police, rescue or fire emergencies or 703-691-2131 for non-emergency police assistance.

Report Bullying - Did you witness or are you a victim of bullying? If so, you should report the circumstances to the Security Office. Call Mr. Walls, Safety & Security Specialist, at 703-718-2538 or email. You may report an incident anonymously.

Report Security Violation - Did you witness a security violation at WPHS? Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to: alcohol, arson, assault, assault by mob, disruptions, drugs, fighting, leaving school grounds, marijuana, minor physical altercations, theft, threats, trespassing, vandalism, and weapons. (A complete list of violations is available in the SR&R handbook.) If so, you should report the circumstances to the Security Office. Call Mr. Walls, Safety & Security Specialist, at 703-718-2538 or email. You may report an incident anonymously.

FCPS Telephone Tip Line for Safety- 571-423-2020. FCPS encourages students and community members to report school safety issues, such as dangerous rumors, drug use, theft, harassment, gang activities, existence of weapons, and vandalism.

Emergency Announcements - When FCPS has a schedule change (closing or delay) due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the information is communicated as soon as the decision is made

Bullying Tips – FCPS has several resources regarding bullying: Violence Prevention and Intervention and ways to prevent and deal with bullying. Stop shares methods for parents to communicate with their children about bullying.

Cyber bullying - Connect Safely is a website that has additional information on what to do if you are a victim of cyber bullying.

Gang Prevention - Fairfax County gang awareness information. What are they, how do we identify them, gangs and the law, why some students join a gang, and what are the general types of behaviors? Fairfax County gang prevention information and hot line.

Identifying suspected alcohol and other drug use - FCPS Student Safety and Wellness has a wide range of services devoted to promoting optimal mental health of our students. Fairfax County Govt provides Alcohol & Drug Services - Service Descriptions. The SAMHSA Health Information Network (SHIN) includes the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI). National Institute on Drug Abuse has prepared materials specifically for students and young adults. Get Smart About Drugs has information for parents.

Internet Safety - The Superintendent of Public Instruction has issued guidelines to school divisions regarding instructional programs related to Internet safety. Get net wise and Privacy Considerations When Posting Content Online are additional sites with further information to keep children safe and protect your data.

Lost and Found - Lost and found items are processed through the Main Office. Students finding abandoned or lost articles should take them there.

Parents Who Host, Lose the Most - Under aged drinking awareness information.

Path to Personal Safety - The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) offers easy-to-use safety resources to help address constant challenges when trying to help keep children safer.

Sexting -The practice can have serious legal and psychological consequences, for further information please consult the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) - The Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook - quick and easy access

Traffic Safety - The Fairfax County Police Department is committed to keeping the the citizens who live in, work in and visit Fairfax County, safe on our roadways. Learn more about traffic safety, driving while texting or on cellphone, guide to distracted driving & teen safety,dangers of text messaging and driving, stop impaired driving,speak up or else, drive smart.

Unified Prevention Coalition - The Unified Prevention Coalition is dedicated to promoting prevention and early intervention for violence and drug use in the community.