WP Film Nominations at the 2018 VHSL Film Festival

By Zach Reves
Student Recognition
May 14, 2018

Congratulations West Po Pro TV/Film Production and Film Club students!

Both Ms. Mantelli’s Productions Group and the Film Club each scored a successful film nomination in the 2018 VHSL Film Festival (See Press Release for details).  The FCPS Web site has also released the news.  West Potomac was one of only four FCPS schools to receive a nomination.  And from FCPS, West Potomac and Marshall High School were the only schools to receive two separate nominations.  

Ms. Mantelli’s students received a nomination for their hard work in the Experimental Category.  This is their second year in a row having a nominated film in this category!  Mr. Reves' outstanding group of club students also received a nomination in the Narrative category in our very first submission attempt.  All of these students worked tirelessly to create great works of art, and we are proud that their efforts have been recognized and commended on the state level.

On June 2nd, the VHSL will hold a Film Festival and we will find out if these films will win either the Audience Choice Award or the Best-In-Category Award.