Thank You WABC Boosters and local businesses for supporting WP!

January 11, 2019

We want to thank and acknowledge the WABC Athletic Boosters for their support on The Wolverine Green project since May of 2016!

WG crew
Top Row: Sue Bernstein, Steve Larsen, Les Munson (WABC president), Julie Munson, Scott Mitchell
Front Row: Diane Moery (WABC), Jim O'Farrell, Rick Genuario

And also, acknowledge the following local businesses and WP families for their generosity and lasting contributions to West Potomac High School:

  • Jim O'Farrell's company, ASMG generously donated $8,000 to purchase the 6 Blue Benches we needed to complete Phase Two on the Wolverine Green at the Oktoberfest Fundraiser in October 2018.
  • Steve Larsen, of Larsen Design/Build Associates, who designed the Wolverine Green.
  • Sue Bernstein, one of the project managers, at the time an employee of WP as the Community Liaison coordinating with vendors and fundraising.
  • Scott Mitchell, a builder who generously donated his time, talents, materials, resources and even his house for 2 Oktoberfest's which helped to raise the money for the project.
  • Rick Genuario, past WABC Booster President, who has been involved for many years on some of the major improvements of West Potomac both inside and out.
  • Mark and Cindy Anderson who in November of 2016 Generously donated $20,000 for us to be able to start the project on 11/28/2016.