February 26, 2018

Staff SPIRIT and Superlative Award Winners

 CONGRATULATIONS to our Staff SPIRIT and Superlative Award Winners for February!

These folks go above and beyond to make our school a great place to learn and work – THANK YOU for all you do!

Paul Farrow (not pictured), HIGH FIVE AWARD – doing a job well

Paula Treherne, SIMPLE ACTS OF KINDNESS – helping out

Rob Kerr, STAY THE COURSE AWARD – focusing on the goal

Tara Perez, UNIQUE TALENT AWARD – sharing their gifts

Ty Strother, LEAD THE WAY – setting the best example

Alissa Gamelier, AGENT OF CHANGE – making a difference


Sheri Been (not pictured), STRENGTH


Kaitlyn Tuohey, INTEGRITY

Donnell Fischer, RESPECT

Katherine Lodge, INVOLVEMENT

Elise Fonseca, INVOLVEMENT

Brittany White, TOGETHERNESS