Personal Electronic Device Policy


  1. Personal electronic devices (including all smart phones, smartwatches, etc.) should not be on students’ physical persons during class, beginning as soon as they walk into the classroom, including before the bell rings.  
  2. Devices should be either zipped in students’ backpacks before entering the room or in a teacher phone holder, based on teacher discretion. Cell phones that are a distraction to the learning environment (no ringing, buzzing, lights, etc.) are in violation of the policy.
  3. Students will not use or access their cell phone during the class period: students cannot use them in the hallways, bathroom, going to the library, etc. 
  4. Phones cannot be used in place of computers if students do not bring/charge their FCPS laptops.
  5. Students will not use any form of headphones during class unless connected to the school computer. Headphones can only be used at the teacher’s discretion. 


Every Violation: Teacher issues verbal warning and logs infraction on Google Form.

After Two Violations*: Administration is notified and student is flagged for device confiscation. Device can only be picked up by parent/legal guardian. *Violations are cumulative across ALL classes.