AIGA Speaker Series

AIGA brings creative professionals to Digital Art & Design and Photo classes

By Amy Stoll
April 16, 2018

AIGA, The Professional Association for Design, partners with West Potomac Art Department to bring creative professionals to the classroom in the coveted AIGA Speaker Series. This year alone we've had art directors, web designers, and commercial photographers present their outstanding work, share behind the scenes creative processes, personal journeys into creative careers, and work with and critique student work. These creative professionals offer inspiration and advice to aspiring artists and designers.

This series is unique to West Potomac High School and is a major perk offered to advanced level Digital Art and Photography students. 

We are thankful to our AIGA Education Liaison, Ambica Prakash, for selecting and coordinating these amazing creative professionals.  This series brings to life the possibilities, excitement, and hard work needed to making a living creatively. We deeply appreciate the creative professionals: Randall Fisher, Cecilia Cortes-Earle, Jamin Doyle, and Matthew Rakola who took the time to present to and work with West Potomac Artists and Designers.