Regular Bell Schedule

The school office hours are 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

bell schedule

A Lunch

11:25 - 11:50

B Lunch

11:55 - 12:20

C Lunch

12:25 - 12:50

D Lunch

12:56 - 1:21

Math, Pulley, CTE, AVID(6th period - Carr), Visual Arts

English,ESOL, AP Seminar

Social Studies, World Languages, Tech Team, Performing Arts, CAT B, 10th Grade PE

9th Grade PE, Science, Academy, Gourmet Foods (5th period), AVID Strategies (6th period - Kerr)


  • CAT B = CAT B Special Education
  • CTE = Career and Technical Education; Accounting, Business, Marketing, JROTC, Econ & Personal Finance
  • PE = Physical Education
  • ESOL= English for Speakers of Other Languages


Frequently Asked Questions about Movement during S Period

1. Is the assigned teacher allowed to deny the student movement during his/her S rotation?

A: YES - The assigned teacher always has right of refusal to the student movement. 

2. If the student doesn’t prearrange the movement can the student still go?

A: No - unless the full procedure is completed, the movement may not happen. This is tight - no exceptions can be made.

3. Does the student have to arrive at their assigned destination by the bell?

A: Yes - by getting the movement pre-arranged, students are expected to reach their S movement destination by the bell. If a student is tardy he/she must report to the tardy station closest to his/her assigned destination.

4. How can students access the library for S period?

A: The Library is able to give passes for S period movement as a receiving teacher. The process will be the same because the Library will have its own pass book.