2020 Virtual Senior Art Show

By AP Studio Art Students
Student Recognition
May 18, 2020

Celebrating West Potomac's Senior Artists through online galleries.

Click on the artist's name to view their art portfolio.

Photo by Emily Drotos
"Panic" 12 in X 18 in, Digital Photograph

Emily Drotos

Artwork by Maeve Gilmartin
"Not Enough" 11 in x 14 in, Mixed Media


Maeve Gilmartin

artwork by Christina
"Plastic Pollution: Treating the Ocean Like a Garbage Can" 2.5' x 1.5', Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Christina Pelliccio

Fire and Ice by Brian McNamara
"Fire & Ice" 10 in x 20 in, Digital Composite


Brian McNamara

Artwork by Annika Munson
"Astronomy’s Early Artistic Influence: Harnessing the Atom via Discovery of Electrons"  9 in x 12 in, Mixed Media


Annika Munson

Photo by Carolyn Privette
"Vulnerable to Oppression" 8 in X10 in, Analog Photography


Carolyn Privette

Artwork by Heather Thompson
"Forest Fire" 14 in x 20 in, Acrylic on Wood


Heather Thompson

photo by Katie Wells
"Seeing Double" 8 in x 10 in, Analog Photography


Katherine Wells

artwork by Gillian Wong
"Brain Hacking" 17 in x 22 in, Mixed Media


Gillian Wong