What's New? Who Is My Administrator and School Counselor

August 08, 2018

With the elimination of subschools, changes in enrollment, and some staff changes, you may have a new school administrator and/or school counselor. Please refer to the list below to identify your school administrator and school counselor. Both are determined by student last name.

School Administrators

Jessica Statz

  • A - CHAP

Sylinda Banks

  • CHAQ - HAM

Susan Britton

  • HAN - MAR

Ivan Johnson

  • MAS - RAS

Janice Monroe

  • RAT - WAS

Kathy Bowdring

  • WAT - Z

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School Counselors

Lauren Creighton

Anthony Moore

Holly Williman

Michael Shapiro

Keri O'Connor

Alma Castro

Shirnesha Simpkins-Church

Kazue Watlington

Jennifer Piechoski

Charlette Jefferson-Dixon

Miguel Arroyo

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