Textbook Drop-Off and Locker Pick-up: May 27 and May 29, 9am - 2pm

May 28, 2020

Student Locker Item Pick Up

  • If you have belongings in a Quander, Gunston or Springbank locker you will be emailed directly to your fcpsschools.net accounts. If you do not get an email, we did not find anything in your locker. 
  • If you have belongings in a gym locker you will not receive an email, you will have to come to school on Wednesday, May 27th or Friday, May 29th to identify your belongings.

*There were only 176 lockers total across all locations with items in them.  The vast majority of lockers were empty. 

Curbside Drop Off / Pick Up 

(social distancing guidance requires you stay in your car or if you are walking stand at least 6 ft apart). 

Please refer to the map for guidance for drop off and pick up.

  • All textbooks will be dropped off at Door 14
  • Quander and Gunston (including the gym lockers) Locker Item Pick Up will be at Door 2 (cafeteria patio)
  • Springbank locker Items will be picked up at Door 4A in the junior parking lot.