2021 Yearbooks are now on sale!


Please go to yearbookforever.com and search “West Potomac” to purchase your yearbook.  The cost for the yearbook is $80.00 with the option for additional upgrades.  The yearbook will be delivered this summer to allow the entire school year to be captured in the yearbook.

During this unique year, we encourage you to share your personal photos to be considered for the yearbook. Follow the directions below to send in your photos.

How do I do this?

To send in photos through Mobile phone:

Step 1: Download YearbookSnap from the app store (orange icon)

Step 2: Type in the school name: West Potomac High School

Step 3: Enter school code: westpo

Step 4: Hit enter

Step 5: Click the orange arrow after the school name to select photos from your camera roll

Step 6: Choose yearbook special requests

Step 7: Pick up to 5 photos to send and then on the bottom right hit the box with the arrow pointing up

Step 8: Click on the photo to enter a note (student names in picture, etc.)

Step 9: Click upload

Step 10 : Enter in your first and last name and email and submit photos!


To send in photos that are on your computer:

Step 1: Go to yearbookforever.com

Step 2: Enter in the school name: West Potomac High School

Step 3: Click shop the store

Step 4: Click on Community upload Submit photos for your school yearbook-center near top

Step 5: Enter school code, westpo, and click enter

Step 6: Upload your photos and make notes on each one (students in picture, etc.)

Step 7: Enter your first and last name and email

Step 8: Click that you certify

Step 9: Submit Photos!