Regular Bell Schedule

regular bell schedule

A Lunch

11:25 - 11:50

B Lunch

11:55 - 12:20

C Lunch

12:25 - 12:50

D Lunch

12:56 - 1:21

Math, Gourmet Foods, Leadership, AVID, Pulley Center, Visual Arts, Geosystems

English, World Languages, Performing Arts Social Studies, ESOL, CTE Health & PE, Science, Academy, CAT B


Frequently Asked Questions about Movement during S Period

1. As the assigned teacher, am I allowed to deny the student movement during my S rotation?

A: YES - The assigned teacher always has right of refusal to the student movement. Though if the student is in good standing it is the admin team’s hope you would give them permission if they complete the appropriate process.

2. If the student doesn’t prearrange the movement can I still let them go?

A: No - unless the full procedure is completed, the movement may not happen. This is tight - no exceptions can be made.

3. Does the student have to arrive at their assigned destination by the bell?

A: Yes - by getting the movement pre-arranged, students are expected to reach their S movement destination by the bell.

4. I’m at a sweep station and the student is late - if they have an S movement pass do I take them to their S pass destination?

A: Yes - if they present an official S movement pass, log their tardy and take them to their S movement destination.

5. If the student is assigned to me, how do I know they have made it to their S movement destination?

A: Unless you receive an email from the receiving teacher that they DID NOT arrive, the student arrived. The email is sent only in situations where the student did not arrive to their arranged destination which you granted them permission by signing their pass in advance. As a reminder, you have a copy of the pass with the receiving teacher's name.

6. How can students access the library for S period?

A: The Library is able to give passes for S period movement as a receiving teacher. The process will be the same because the Library will have its own pass book.